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Welcome Aboard!
Leona May Fishing

Book your spot today & set sail on a local fishing adventure. Capt Scott will take you to the best areas to put you on the fish.

The Finest Fishing Experience on the Atlantic Coast

Scott Belgard is the Captain of the Leona May with over 20 years of fishing experience off the New Jersey coastline


A Unique Adventure

Captain Scott will take you on a wonderful, safe fishing adventure--high tech equipment will almost guarantee you will catch the biggest fish of your life!

Striped Bass Spring & Fall

Spring Striped Bass “NJ” Migration is typically April 1 – June 15th Leona May fishes the scope of Raritan Bay and up to 3 miles offshore to the federal boundary. We often fish the river at night for jumbo Stripers on special trips.

April 1st – June 15th

Fall Striped Bass “NJ” Migration is typically September 15 – December 30th depending on water temperatures. Expect to Ocean fish on the Leona May from NY to south of the Manasquan Inlet.

September 15th – December 30th


Tautog “Black Fish” Spring & Fall

Spring Black Fish “Tautog” season opens Apr. 1 – Apr. 30 and is very productive. Look for a double header of combining Blackfish and Striper in a single day. Black Fish trips are considered the most technical or challenging due to the Tautog’s habitat and structure. Three feet can make a difference.

April 1st- April 30th

August. 1st – Nov. 15

Seabass “Black Seabass” Spring, Summer & Fall

Seabass fishing is a special treat and a Leona May specialty. Shortly after Tautog season closes and the stripers are still chewing it’s time to hit the slate grounds. Incredible bottom fishing for the opportunity to land one after another, especially early in the season.

May 15th - Jun 22nd

Jul 1st - Aug 31st

Oct 8th - 31st Weather Permitting

Nov 1st - Dec 31st


Fluke “AKA Summer Flounder” Fishing

Fluke fishing is A New Jersey summertime fun classic.  From the bay flats or out on the ocean beds you jig and catch, then we clean them for your dinner. Leona May traditionally drifts the fluke grounds depending on the wind and current because the fish go where the wind blow.  




Tuna Time

Bluefin-Yellowfin Tuna

Tile - Mahi – Cobia - Shark

If you want the fight of your life standing on your feet, you will have to face a TUNA. No worries the Leona May crew has your back, and we will do what it takes for you to land one of the hardest fighting fish in the world, on the deck, at your feet.  We run limited open boat tuna trips due to availability. Your best bet for open boat trips is to follow us on Facebook. ???site coming, must create.

Tuna fishing charters are open for experienced anglers limited to 4 persons.

Bluefin May – 20th – July 20th

Yellowfin July 4th – September 29th

Leona May combines Tuna fishing with offshore exotics



Year round often fished as sub-species.

Trips Species



  • 20% Mate Tip 

  • 6 Guest Max 

  • 6 Hours $750.00 

  • 8 Hours $950.00

It is customary to tip the mate 20%.

Prices are based on a fuel price of $4.50/gallon or less. If fuel exceeds $4.50 per gallon a fuel surcharge will be applied of no more than $75 per trip (excluding offshore trips).

We Accept Credit Cards, Venmo

Trip Details


Tuna Trips "Off-Shore Exotics"

4 Person Max


Striped Bass Spring

December 1 Slot Fish 28” - 38”

Seabass Black Sea Bass
May 15th - Jun 22nd
10 Fish at 12.5”
Jul 1st - Aug 31st
2 Fish at 12.5”
Oct 8th - 31st
10 Fish at 12.5”
Nov 1st - Dec 31st
15 Fish at 13”

5 Fish *No Minimum Size

Summer Flounder “Fluke”
May 22nd - Sep 19th
3 Fish at 18”


Reel Fishing


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